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Terms of Service 1. PhocéeNet therefore provides an online platform to visitors, where they rencontres écolo communicate amongst them and therefore plays the role of technical service provider. The service is neither a consultancy nor a dating agency, and does not organize encounters between its members.

The rencontres écolo of the Services is for personal and private purposes only.

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Prerequisites The members confirm having received all necessary documentation rencontres écolo the proposed services and subscriptions from Phoenix Corp and PhocéeNet and comply without restriction to the present service terms and conditions. The members recognize that the use of the website requires compliance with all the provisions defined in the present contract.

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The members can benefit from the services proposed on the website subject to compliance with, where applicable, to the payment of the relevant Subscription and to the following prerequisites: Be of legal age that is, eighteen 18 years old or older on rencontres écolo date of registration on the website; Have the legal capability to commit to the present terms and conditions; Have rencontres écolo appropriate computer equipment to access the platform; Have a valid e-mail address.

Definitions The terms below will have the following meaning among the parties: "Subscription": a paid package giving access rencontres écolo the Services offered in the Subscription, for a limited period specified in the Subscription concerned subscribed by a Member. The Members and Subscribers concerned are informed of their essential characteristics prior to the subscription.

Objective and field of application The objective of the present document is to define the conditions of use of the services and selling Subscriptions offered by PhocéeNet to its Members.

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The Member is required to read the Terms of Use before creating an Account and subscribing for any Subscription. The selection and purchase of a Subscription rencontres écolo the sole responsibility of the Member.

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Unless it is proven otherwise, the rencontres écolo recorded in the computer system of the companies, PhocéeNet and Phoenix Rencontres écolo, constitute the proof of all transactions concluded with the Subscriber through the Website. The validation of a Subscription by the Subscriber implies acceptance without restriction or reservation of the present GCUS. These Terms may be subject to subsequent modifications, the version applicable to the creation of an Account or to the purchase of a Subscription by the Member is the one in effect on the Website at the date of creation of homme 52 ans cherche femme Account or Subscription.

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Opposability The present terms and conditions are opposable to the member as soon as they are accepted by the latter prior to the Account creation and to subscription. The companies, PhocéeNet and Phoenix Corp, reserve the right to modify the present terms and conditions as it rencontres écolo necessary and useful.

Terms of Service

The utmost shall be done to inform the members of the rencontres écolo and date of application of new terms and rencontres écolo. Any use of the service by the member within 30 days after a modification of the terms and conditions confirms that, the rencontres écolo, accepts the new terms and conditions.

Following the entry into force of these new GCUS and for any case, the member may not accept to use the Services but is still responsible for all previous use of the same.

rencontres écolo

Members can access archived terms of use upon request at the following e-mail: 6. Registration to the Website and opening an Account 6.

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To create an account and become a member, the user must first register via the online form on the Website. Two registration procedures are available: Registration via Facebook connect; Registration via online form. No information related to his registration on the Rencontres écolo will be displayed on the Facebook account of the internet user. Step 2: the internet user reads these GCUS and accepts them by ticking the box provided for this purpose; if he does not accept them, he must rencontres écolo the registration procedure and leave the Website immediately.

Step 3: Once his profile is correctly filled in, the internet user validates the registration form and receives an email confirming his registration to the email address provided.

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Some requested information builds the internet user profile and can be accessed by other rencontres écolo of the service: they must be correct and regularly updated. Step 3: once rencontres écolo profile is correctly informed, the internet user validates the subscription form and receives a confirmation email at the supplied email address.

First Rencontres écolo technology is offered to members as part of our services.

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This technology uses an algorithm which allows members to contact others based on affinity. The First Step algorithm allows members to contact others based on affinity. Members wishing to use it must therefore have a connection to mobile internet. This application offers the user the possibility to create an Account and to become a Member from rencontres écolo mobile phone, for example.

It also enables subscriptions. The purchase and use of Subscriptions, including those subscribed from a mobile application, are subject to these GCUS 6.

Finally, we offer the user the exclusive opportunity to multiply his chances of finding love with the orientation to other sites if already registered or rencontres écolo he wishes to benefit from more contact.

Subject to the express agreement of the Member, his profile may be available on other Websites in line with his research. If the GCUS are not complied with, the member is informed by email of the rejection of his profile and is proposed to modify it.


If the member does not rencontres écolo his profile in conformity with the terms and conditions, companies PhocéeNet and Phoenix Corp reserves the right to definitively refuse it.

Whatever the method of registration chosen, the Member guarantees that the data communicated during his registration is accurate and conform to reality.

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In the event of a change of that data, he agrees to make the necessary modifications to his Account directly. The companies PhocéeNet and Phoenix Corp are not rencontres écolo and do not have the technical means to ensure the identity of the persons registering on the Website and opening an Account.

Subscription and Financial terms 7. As a matter of principle, Subscriptions to Basic Services and Additional Services rencontres écolo subject to charges, at the rates in force at the time of their subscriptions. Prices are expressed in the currency of the Member's country.

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These rates are firm and non-revisable rencontres écolo their rencontres écolo of validity. The price is payable upfront at the time of subscription, by rencontres écolo card, check, or transfer. By exception and in order to enable members to discover the functions of the Basic Services, an access to a limited version of the service is offered free of charge for a limited period of time. This free and limited access does not enable the use of all functions of the Website nor allows to meet other members.

Furthermore, women members wishing to be placed in contact with a male member will specially have access to free and complete Basic Services with the exception of additional services, which remain payable. It is specified that when the access rencontres écolo Services is free, whether partially or rencontres écolo, Phoenix Corp reserves the right to modify it both for conditions of access and financial terms of the service.

The member subscribes willingly to a Subscription for a selected duration, at the online price by the time of subscription and according to the payment methods suggested rencontres écolo the Website. Access to the Services of the selected Subscription is possible from the reception by PhocéeNet of the Member's payment.

rencontres écolo

Access to the Service is immediate if payment is made by bank card. A processing period is required if payment is made by cheque or bank transfer; the Services concerned by the selected Subscription are accessible only after reception and receipt of the sums by PhocéeNet.

PhocéeNet reserves the right to propose temporary promotional subscriptions to new members or existing subscribed members for a certain time. The proposed financial terms are exceptional and cannot be grounds for any complaint rencontres écolo the other members.

The Trial Offer is a promotional offer that is an integral part of a Monthly Subscription. At the end of the three 3 trial days, the Subscription will be automatically charged, unless prior notice by the Subscriber, which procedures are provided in Article 17 of these GCUS.

In general, the renewal rencontres écolo of the Rencontres écolo can be carried out under the conditions of the article "termination" of these GCUS. He can then choose from one of the suggested subscriptions.

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This rencontres écolo implies the acceptance of all the present GCUS. The subscribers or members can order one or several additional services, giving them access to the advanced functions of the Website according to the options detailed on the Site.

Right to withdraw In accordance with Article L. To retract, the Member will send the withdrawal form available hereby email to customer phoceenet.