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News Cergy Annie Ernaux has lived in Cergy, a new town situated lieux de rencontre cergy kilometres north-west of Paris, since This town plays a significant role in her work and in the writing process since she has written most of her books in her house there. Cergy is also a lieu de mémoire or repository of memory for Ernaux, a place which represents both continuity and change.

She has often expressed her attachment to Cergy and her rejection of the notion of such spaces on the edge of Paris as non-lieux or non-places. In one programme she becomes a guide to the town and its environs; in another she reveals her favourite haunts.

Rencontre sérieuse dans le Val d'Oise

We are publishing some extracts from the diaries of the outside here. Exteriors [Journal du dehors] Memories as I am driving past the black 3M Minnesota office building with all its lieux de rencontre cergy windows lit: when I first moved to the New Town, I would invariably lose my way but would go on driving, too panicked to stop. In the shopping mall, I would make sure I knew exactly through which door I had entered — A, B, C or D — so that I could locate the same exit later on.

I would also try not to forget in which row of the lieux de rencontre cergy lot I had left my car. lieux de rencontre cergy

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I was afraid of having to wander under the concrete slab until lieux de rencontre cergy without ever finding it. So many children got lost in the supermarket.

lieux de rencontre cergy

Exteriors, trans. Tanya Leslie, Seven Stories Press, p. I am unable to describe it, not knowing where it begins or ends; I always drive through it. Just moments in time, chance meetings. Tanya Leslie, Seven Stories Press, pp. People resent her openness. In a subway car, a boy and a girl argue and stroke each other, alternately, as if they were alone in the world. My heart sinks.

I tell myself that writing is this for me. Both of them, the young man and the little boy, take me back to moments in my life. First, to the year when I lieux de rencontre cergy my baccalauréat, in May, when D, a tall boy with big lips like this guy sitting over there, used to wait for lieux de rencontre cergy after high school, near the post office.

Then, to the days when my own sons were small and discovered the world.

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On other occasions, a woman waiting at check-out desk would remind me of my mother because of the way she moved or spoke. So it is outside my own life that my past existence lies: in passengers commuting on the subway or the RER; in shoppers glimpsed on escalators at Lieux de rencontre cergy or in the Galeries Lafayette; in complete strangers who cannot know that they possess part of my story; in faces and bodies which I shall never see lieux de rencontre cergy.

In the same way, I myself, anonymous among the bustling crowds on streets and in department stores, must secretly play a role in the lives of others. It comes from the outside, from children who grow up, neighbors who leave, from people growing older and dying. Bakeries that close and are replaced by driving schools or television repair shops.

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The cheese department moved to the back of the supermarket, which is no longer called Franprix but Leader Price. Things seen, trans.

Author admin Lieu De Rencontre Cergy 11 oct La prochaine rencontre avec un psychologue et un travailleur social aura lieu le jeudi 10 novembre au Pixel Bar de Cergy Rens.

Jonathan Kaplansky, University of Nebraska Press, p. It seemed to me that, as I observed these people in detail, their existence suddenly became very close to me, as if I were touching them. Were I to continue such an experiment, my vision of the world and of myself would turn out to be radically transformed. Perhaps I would disappear. Try as we may to place ourselves in their field of vision, right across from them, sometimes for more than five minutes, it is only at that moment when they begin to ring up our purchases that they seem to discover us.

This strange and ritual blindness reveals that they are only obeying a requirement forcing them to be polite. From the point of view of marketing, we only exist at the moment when containers of detergent and yogurt are exchanged for money. The hope, always in vain, of having nothing more to note, to no longer lieux de rencontre cergy swallowed up by anything whatsoever in this world, by the wave of anonymous people that I encounter and of which, for the others, I am a part. Jonathan Kaplansky, University of Nebraska Press, pp.

Experiment: via memory travel through the territory surrounding me, and lieux de rencontre cergy doing so describe and define the expanse of real and imagined space that is mine in the city.

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lieux de rencontre cergy I return by lieux de rencontre cergy same road along the Oise, making a brief stop at Osny. I take the wide avenues leading to the center of Cergy-Préfecture: Trois-Fontaines, the Tour Bleue, the theatre, the conservatory, and the library. I walk along the street lieux de rencontre cergy leads me to the Tour Belvédère and the columns of the Esplanade de la Paix, from where an immense horizon unfolds, with, at the end, the shadows of la Défense and the Eiffel Tower.

For the first rencontre femme pyrenees orientales, Lieux de rencontre cergy have taken possession of space that I have been traveling through for twenty years.

All entrances to theTrois-Fontaines parking lot are blocked by lines of cars. People want to be the first to throw themselves at the clothes, dishes, like plunderers in a conquered city. The aisles are inundated by a flood of people, entire families with children in strollers, groups of girls. In the stores, frenzy.

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A tremendous desire to acquire fills the air. The shopping center has become the most familiar place in this end of the century, like the church in times lieux de rencontre cergy. Chez Caroll, Froggy, Lacoste: people are seeking something to help them live, relief from time and death.

Up until Maisons-Laffitte, sometimes even up until Achères, takes the same amount of time as the trip out: no waiting. The traveling time, accepted, imperceptible, where people can think more or less.

lieux de rencontre cergy

In the final ten minutes before arriving at the destination, there is another phase in which nothing exists except the need to get there. The regular movements of the train, the increasingly less built-up landscape, the stretch lieux de rencontre cergy fields, from the perspective of site rencontre seniors serieux inner clock everything seems slowed down.

Impossible to think of anythig during this time period.

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Longing only for the moment to leave the train, climb up the steps toward the exit, go through the turnstile, the cool air of the parking lot, the car. Hardly clear images, just an instinctive thrust toward what is a form of happiness. Each evening the same empty ten minutes: pure waiting. Lieux de rencontre cergy woman in seen from the front, the last buttons of her dress are open on her lieux de rencontre cergy legs.

It is a hippy fresco, dating from the late seventies, which will soon be erased when the station is renovated. Someone has thrown red paint at lieux de rencontre cergy dress, at the place where the vagina would be, it forms a bloody spatter.

We publish below the awards speech written and given by Pierre-Louis Fortlecturer at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise, site de rencontre gratuit libanais of the event, and the author of many essays on Ernaux. Je crois que, pour nous aussi, elle a beaucoup de sens.

lieux de rencontre cergy

Ma toute première visite est intimement liée à votre écriture et remonte au début des années Les images devenues un peu floues de notre discussion, dans la cuisine et le salon, la chatte nous observant discrètement. Je lieux de rencontre cergy vous le dire ce soir, votre présence me fut précieuse, scientifiquement, littérairement et humainement.

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Pas de statue de marbre donc mais la légèreté de voix que je voudrais faire résonner dans cet amphithéâtre. Une blondeur, une élégance sans faille, une liberté de vie audacieusement affichée. Je crois que tous ici réunis, nous voudrions que tout le monde ait lu et lise, encore et encore, Annie Ernaux. Image credit: Pierre-Louis Fort.